Challenges and New Years Resolutions.

The problem I have with New Years Resolutions and these 30 day challenge things is they set people up for failure.

I do think anything that motivates someone to get moving and set goals has got to have some good to it. And if it works for you then more power to you.

However, why do we only make goals once a year? Your goals should be things that you are constantly working on.

These challenges make you feel like if you have a day off or you don’t complete 100 planks on Monday then you might as well give up on the rest of the week. I think if you do 100 planks even just one day a week, that’s one more day than you did last week, right?

Let’s be honest here, things happen and sometimes life gets in the way. People get sick, people get busy. People spend all day watching homeland before realizing that they haven’t actually moved from the couch all day….Life.

So my advise to you is make these goals, but also forgive yourself for not being perfect and try again tomorrow. Life is one long goal so keep going!

Do not measure your success by a calendar. Measure your success by your happiness..


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