Weight loss perception

I’m not trying to lose weight right now.

I’m a little bigger than usual but I’m o,k with it.

I’ve been traveling, moved countries and started a new job.

It’s also winter here. (Fat=warmth)

These are not excuses. They are just facts.

I would ideally like to be slightly smaller than I am. I would probably feel a little more confident in some situations (i.e. wearing certain clothes) but I’m not ‘worried’ about it. It doesn’t keep me up at night. It doesn’t stop me having a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate. (Or several) I don’t feel guilty about my choices or feel ugly when I look in the mirror..

I think I still look pretty good. And I’m still happy to rock a bikini.

Have you ever seen the movie Eat Pray Love?  Julia Roberts says something like, has any guy ever looked at you with your clothes off and said no thanks? And then they buy bigger size jeans and eat pizza. I love that scene.

Not because it’s about what men think but because it’s about how sometimes things are only in our own heads and it’s all about perception.

At the moment I’m concentrating on getting out and about in fresh (cold) air and adding more movement into my daily routines. I’m also nursing a foot injury so trying to be careful of that.

I’m also trying to cook at home more and eat a bit healthier when I’m out. I’m also trying to not work too hard, get enough sleep and foster positive (new) relationships in a new city.

In other words I’m trying to look after myself emotionally, physically and socially. All important, and so much more important than fitting into a particular pair of jeans.

Fat loss may become one of my goals at some point and that’s o.k because I know I will do it in a healthy and informed way. And I will definitely not do it because I don’t look like a stick thin model in a magazine or someone tells me (however subtly) that I should.



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