Before and After.

This is an interesting article about before and after shots.

Makes me think of all the times I’ve seen an unflattering photo of myself. I once saw a photo of myself that actually made me go into extreme dieting/paleo lifestyle regimes. Yes, I was probably a little heavier than I would have been if I had been upholding a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. Was I so unhealthy I needed to stop eating dairy, carbohydrates, grains (W.T.F) etc? Hell no.

Anyway my point is, a photograph really can be just a matter of a bad angle, or a bad posture/pose. Try taking some photos of yourself in different poses or even looking into the mirror this way. I guarantee you can make yourself look pretty freaking fabulous. (Go on, keep stretching) But here’s the secret, you are already pretty freaking fabulous. Just the way you are. (Right Bridget) This is the equivalent of putting on red lipstick and instantly feeling 500 times more awesome.

Before and after photos be damned.

Now when I see a bad photograph of myself I don’t think, Oh my gawd, I’m so fat, I need to only eat steak, and ban potatoes for life (Again W.T.F) And also, what is steak without potatoes?

I just think, Geeze that must have been a really unflattering angle. Or hmm must remember to murder that photographer. You know, like a calm rational thinking person….

I might even have a chuckle and allow it on facebook. Maybe….


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