Response to body insults

There’s something I really like about this article. Women writing how they were first insulted about their bodies and then formulating a response in hindsight.

I guess I like the flip of power on this. Accepting perceived flaws and saying yeah so what, f*&k you (idiot.) This is that judgement stuff again. It’s just so widely accepted that our bodies or what we do with them is up for public opinion. (It’s not)

Nobody knows what motivates us or what is happening in our lives or why we choose to take the actions we do. The thing is they are OUR choices. OUR bodies. OUR lives.

I don’t really think about what I would say to specific people in hindsight from my childhood because I guess I’ve pretty much let that stuff go. And there was a lot of it I can assure you.

I think for me it’s more of a general attitude change and not taking shit from anyone anymore.

In saying that, I definitely still need to work on this, as I do still put up with assholes occasionally and then later wish I had told them to take a long walk off a short pier or similar.

So for your adolescent self, go tell an idiot to f*&k off today.


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