How to Prevent Rape.

I personally love this list.

It’s causing a lot of controversy at the moment. Basically men are getting all upset that they are supposedly all being called rapists.

That is ridiculous.

This is a case of satire. It might be humorous if it wasn’t so awfully true.

The point of it is to get people to think about where the blame lies, and to change the perspective of responsibility

This list is doing some good things.

It is putting the responsibility back on the perpetrators.

It is telling women that it is never their fault.

It is sharing the responsibility with everyone. Men and women.

It’s making us think about how we educate.

Instead of people spending all their time telling girls/women how to stay safe or that their skirts are too short or that they shouldn’t walk alone or that they shouldn’t drink too much,   maybe someone should be spending time telling boys and men how to be gentlemen and how to respect women and their rights.

Maybe Fathers (and Mothers) should be talking to their sons about not hurting women, instead of just telling their daughters how to prevent themselves being hurt.

What do you think?


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