Are you beautiful or average?

This experiment puts up two doors where women can choose which one they walk through. Beautiful or Average.

Most women choose average. No surprise there, right?

There are some great moments when the mother takes her daughter through the beautiful door and a woman pushes another woman in a wheelchair through the beautiful door.

These women are doing parenting and friendship right.

It also makes me think, we do see our friends and family as beautiful often more so than they see themselves this way. And of course the same goes with our friends views towards us.

I would have chosen the beautiful door. Not because I have a huge ego or think I am better than anyone else, but because that’s how I choose to see myself.

Which door would you have chosen?

The thing is, you can choose beautiful in your every day life.

Walk through that door when you pass a mirror, or when self doubt creeps into your mind. Walk through that door when you wear that slinky black dress or your bathing suit. Hell walk through it when you’re at home in your trackies (Maybe with your eyes shut.)

Walk through that door and take someone else with you.

You can start by telling someone they are beautiful today.

Then tell yourself the same thing. After all, that’s what a friend would do.

How to Prevent Rape.

I personally love this list.

It’s causing a lot of controversy at the moment. Basically men are getting all upset that they¬†are supposedly all being called¬†rapists.

That is ridiculous.

This is a case of satire. It might be humorous¬†if it wasn’t so awfully true.

The point of it is to get people to think about where the blame lies, and to change the perspective of responsibility

This list is doing some good things.

It is putting the responsibility back on the perpetrators.

It is telling women that it is never their fault.

It is sharing the responsibility with everyone. Men and women.

It’s making us think about how we educate.

Instead of people¬†spending all their time telling girls/women how to stay safe or that their skirts are too short or that they shouldn’t walk alone or that they shouldn’t drink too much, ¬† maybe someone should be spending time telling boys and men how to be gentlemen and how to respect women and their rights.

Maybe Fathers (and Mothers) should be talking to their sons about not hurting women, instead of just telling their daughters how to prevent themselves being hurt.

What do you think?

Men changing what men say.

This video is really interesting. The guys reactions are powerful and the fact they have to say the mean things, even though they don’t want to.

This makes me really grateful to all the positive men I have in life, mainly my male friends. These guys are my heros, as they make me believe I am worthy and beautiful and awesome whenever I hang out or talk with them.

They stand up for me and get protective when other men treat me badly and they are just generally fun and positive to be around. They are often my shoulders to cry on and they put up with me asking questions like ‘why are men so awful?’ in a bad moment.

I hope you have positive men like this in your life. Remember to let them know what they mean to you.

I’m going to. (In the least mushy way possible.)


Badly written bias article but some interesting points.

Seriously with this guy?!

Paleo cook book for children-What the f*&k is wrong with people?

Note: Subjecting your child to a diet where they end up missing out on crucial vitamins and food groups is definitely child abuse.

Incorporating healthy and varied home-cooked meals into your kids diet – Good parenting.

Perfect example of this is calcium. Crucial at a young age. We all know what this does, bone strength, teeth, hair etc etc. If you do not get enough calcium when you are a kid you actually can’t make up for that when you are an adult. You should still have it when you are an adult, but damage has already been done.

I think the bigger issue is the implantation of diet dogma into a young child’s brain. This food is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ ‘You will get fat if you eat this’ etc. These are dangerous things to say to a child. Some of these diets become almost like a religion.

Yes, I also think feeding a kid a diet high in sugar or Mcdonald’s every day is also a form of abuse. That goes without saying.

What happened to food for fuel and eating when we are hungry. Moderation? Choice? Common fu&*ing sense.

Get with the program people. (Or please don’t.)

Food porn

Hmmmm I don’t know about this, but I did click on this article and then get really disappointed there was only one picture…so maybe it’s working? Or maybe I’m just hungry after boot camp.

Food porn for me tonight was half a snickers bar. And by food porn, I mean food that I looked at for 3 seconds before eating.

I guess that’s the equivalent of skipping foreplay….