Beach Body Ready

Have you seen this?

This is fucking awesome and proves just how far our thinking has come.

There is an ad in London advertising some magical weight loss potion protein thingy.

You know, magic beans.

Anyway it has a photo of a ‘perfect’ model and says, Are you beach body ready? Encouraging people to take the potion to become like her so that they are then ready/acceptable to be on the beach.

The response to which has been an overwhelming, fuck off, everybody is beach ready! We are awesome as we are.

They have been defaced and protested. There’s a petition with 40,000 signatures, it’s all over twitter, facebook etc. It’s blowing up.

This is great.

What is not great, is the proteinworld response. The model is an acceptable weight, everyone should have goals to be fit and look good etc. I mean seriously you have to read them to believe them.

Though really, what do you expect from an industry that survives by lowering people’s self esteem and generally telling them they are not good enough.

In case you havent got the message yet, you are.

In the words of my gorgeous friend Joy, “I don’t know any average women. All the women I know are beautiful talented and awesome.”


Are you beautiful or average?

This experiment puts up two doors where women can choose which one they walk through. Beautiful or Average.

Most women choose average. No surprise there, right?

There are some great moments when the mother takes her daughter through the beautiful door and a woman pushes another woman in a wheelchair through the beautiful door.

These women are doing parenting and friendship right.

It also makes me think, we do see our friends and family as beautiful often more so than they see themselves this way. And of course the same goes with our friends views towards us.

I would have chosen the beautiful door. Not because I have a huge ego or think I am better than anyone else, but because that’s how I choose to see myself.

Which door would you have chosen?

The thing is, you can choose beautiful in your every day life.

Walk through that door when you pass a mirror, or when self doubt creeps into your mind. Walk through that door when you wear that slinky black dress or your bathing suit. Hell walk through it when you’re at home in your trackies (Maybe with your eyes shut.)

Walk through that door and take someone else with you.

You can start by telling someone they are beautiful today.

Then tell yourself the same thing. After all, that’s what a friend would do.

Men changing what men say.

This video is really interesting. The guys reactions are powerful and the fact they have to say the mean things, even though they don’t want to.

This makes me really grateful to all the positive men I have in life, mainly my male friends. These guys are my heros, as they make me believe I am worthy and beautiful and awesome whenever I hang out or talk with them.

They stand up for me and get protective when other men treat me badly and they are just generally fun and positive to be around. They are often my shoulders to cry on and they put up with me asking questions like ‘why are men so awful?’ in a bad moment.

I hope you have positive men like this in your life. Remember to let them know what they mean to you.

I’m going to. (In the least mushy way possible.)

Korean Boot Camp

I survived my first Korean boot camp tonight. This was conducted all in Korean (Funnily enough) and I speak only a little. (A few phrases) This was basically just a circuit and we went around doing each exercise for 30 seconds and then moving to the next one.

It was a little difficult to understand some of the finer points but I got the general idea pretty easily.

It’s amazing how much you can understand from someone who speaks a different language if you actually listen and just try to understand instead of putting up that mental block. Try it some time, if you get the chance. Pay attention to expression, intonation, common words etc. It really helps a lot.

The point is, I stepped out of my comfort zone today. I tried something new. (Really new)

I have never actually really done a boot camp style class before so it’s a good effort that my first one was in a foreign language.

And guess what, I had fun. I made a fool of myself and am probably a lot of people’s dinner time stories tonight.

And you know what, I’m so o.k with that. (I’m here to entertain.)

Most importantly, I moved my body today.

And it felt good.

Let’s see if it still feels good tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m going to listen to my body and probably rest. I might do some yoga if it feels good or I might just have a hot bath.

Repeat is on Thursday. Two days to practice my synchronized star jumps dance.

Yes, that is a thing here.

Wish me luck.

And go and move your body today.