Sick shopping

This is my grocery shop when I’m sick. (Cold/flu)


What I’m concerned about: Vitamin C, getting enough fluids, eating enough calories for energy, soothing my throat, cheering myself up, resting, sleeping, getting better.

What I’m not concerned about: My weight, how I look.

Bonus: It was two for one day on icecream. Win!!!!! So I got four. That’s logical in my head.

Food blogger fraud

This woman claimed to cure her brain cancer by eating quinoa and kale, or something.

The problem with this is that people have read this blog, bought the cookbook and generally bought into the pseudoscience once again.

Telling people who have serious illnesses that they can heal themselves by eating vegetables and doing yoga is quite simply bullshit, and is also highly dangerous.

Does a healthy diet and exercise help with general health and well-being? Absolutely. Is it a replacement for modern medicine? Definitely not. Of course it is the choice of the person who is affected, how they react and what they do/do not do to fight these illnesses. I just think they should have the chance to do this without so much misinformation lying around. Especially when they are already in such a vulnerable state.

These people should be fined and banned from the internet. They need to be held responsible for their actions.


Badly written bias article but some interesting points.

Seriously with this guy?!

Paleo cook book for children-What the f*&k is wrong with people?

Note: Subjecting your child to a diet where they end up missing out on crucial vitamins and food groups is definitely child abuse.

Incorporating healthy and varied home-cooked meals into your kids diet – Good parenting.

Perfect example of this is calcium. Crucial at a young age. We all know what this does, bone strength, teeth, hair etc etc. If you do not get enough calcium when you are a kid you actually can’t make up for that when you are an adult. You should still have it when you are an adult, but damage has already been done.

I think the bigger issue is the implantation of diet dogma into a young child’s brain. This food is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ ‘You will get fat if you eat this’ etc. These are dangerous things to say to a child. Some of these diets become almost like a religion.

Yes, I also think feeding a kid a diet high in sugar or Mcdonald’s every day is also a form of abuse. That goes without saying.

What happened to food for fuel and eating when we are hungry. Moderation? Choice? Common fu&*ing sense.

Get with the program people. (Or please don’t.)

Food talk.

Just like we have been brought up as a society, or as women to self talk ourselves out of liking and respecting our bodies, we have also been taught to talk to ourselves negatively about food. Have a look at this article. ‘Things we should never say to ourselves about food.’

Phrases like ‘I deserve this.’ ‘I’ve earned this.’ ‘I will make up for this tomorrow.’ ‘I was so bad today.’ I shouldn’t be eating this.’

What about asking questions instead:

‘Am I enjoying this?’ ‘Is this satisfying my needs?’ ‘How is this benefiting me?’ ‘Does this make me feel good?’ ‘Am I hungry?’

‘Do I really want this giant piece of caramel mud-cake?’ (Yes! Are you kidding me? Always yes!)

I’m not saying to obsessively ask yourself all these questions every time you put a morsel of food into your mouth. I’m saying perhaps you can sometimes pause and ask some of these questions.


Do not talk negatively to yourself for eating food. Just think logically about it. Weigh up the pros and cons like any other aspect of your life and make informed decisions.

Food is fuel. Food is for celebrations. Food is energy. Food is for survival. Food is life. Food is good!

So good!

Eat the food and don’t feel guilty about it. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.

Don’t punish yourself for enjoying food, don’t punish yourself for fueling your body.

Don’t punish yourself for enjoying that mud-ca… ajfk;ajF;AJ. Mmmm sorry…. I just got crumbs on the keyboard…

I’m probably only going to eat a small piece of cake at a time, not because I’m punishing or rationing myself but because I’m listening to my body and stopping when it is full and satisfied. (Also because I’m saving some for dessert.)

I will eat the food I want when I want it (Really want it.)

And if it is actually the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth then I will probably listen to that other part of my brain that says, ‘Are you freaking kidding me?! Eat the cake bitch, eat it all up.’ And I will. Oh, I so will.

I order you to go an eat some cake right now. (Unless you don’t like cake.) Then definitely go and eat some fries instead. (Unless you don’t feel like fries.)

Let’s remember to transfer that positive self-talk to all aspects of our lives.

Jal meogeosseumnida.


Bon Appetit.