Food blogger fraud

This woman claimed to cure her brain cancer by eating quinoa and kale, or something.

The problem with this is that people have read this blog, bought the cookbook and generally bought into the pseudoscience once again.

Telling people who have serious illnesses that they can heal themselves by eating vegetables and doing yoga is quite simply bullshit, and is also highly dangerous.

Does a healthy diet and exercise help with general health and well-being? Absolutely. Is it a replacement for modern medicine? Definitely not. Of course it is the choice of the person who is affected, how they react and what they do/do not do to fight these illnesses. I just think they should have the chance to do this without so much misinformation lying around. Especially when they are already in such a vulnerable state.

These people should be fined and banned from the internet. They need to be held responsible for their actions.


This is a positive change in media that is happening slowly slowly. Let’s get on board. Let’s talk about these things. Let’s use facts instead of Heresay. Let’s educate ourselves and read reliable researched information. Let’s arm ourselves for the war against bullshit.

Korean Boot Camp

I survived my first Korean boot camp tonight. This was conducted all in Korean (Funnily enough) and I speak only a little. (A few phrases) This was basically just a circuit and we went around doing each exercise for 30 seconds and then moving to the next one.

It was a little difficult to understand some of the finer points but I got the general idea pretty easily.

It’s amazing how much you can understand from someone who speaks a different language if you actually listen and just try to understand instead of putting up that mental block. Try it some time, if you get the chance. Pay attention to expression, intonation, common words etc. It really helps a lot.

The point is, I stepped out of my comfort zone today. I tried something new. (Really new)

I have never actually really done a boot camp style class before so it’s a good effort that my first one was in a foreign language.

And guess what, I had fun. I made a fool of myself and am probably a lot of people’s dinner time stories tonight.

And¬†you know what, I’m so o.k with that. (I’m here to entertain.)

Most importantly, I moved my body today.

And it felt good.

Let’s see if it still feels good tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m going to listen to my body and probably rest. I might do some¬†yoga if it feels good or I might just have a hot bath.

Repeat is on Thursday. Two days to practice my synchronized star jumps dance.

Yes, that is a thing here.

Wish me luck.

And go and move your body today.

Weight loss perception

I’m not trying to lose weight right now.

I’m a little bigger than usual but I’m o,k with it.

I’ve been traveling, moved countries and started a new job.

It’s also winter here. (Fat=warmth)

These are not excuses. They are just facts.

I would ideally like to be slightly smaller than I am. I would probably feel a little more confident in some situations (i.e. wearing certain clothes) but I’m not ‘worried’ about it. It doesn’t keep me up at night. It doesn’t stop me having a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate. (Or several) I don’t feel guilty about my choices or feel ugly when I look in the mirror..

I think I still look pretty good. And I’m still happy to rock a bikini.

Have you ever seen the movie Eat Pray Love?  Julia Roberts says something like, has any guy ever looked at you with your clothes off and said no thanks? And then they buy bigger size jeans and eat pizza. I love that scene.

Not because it’s about what men think but because it’s about how sometimes things are only in our own heads and it’s all about perception.

At the moment I’m concentrating on getting out and about in fresh (cold) air and adding more movement into my daily routines. I’m also nursing a foot injury so trying to be careful of that.

I’m also trying to cook at home more and eat a bit healthier when I’m out. I’m also trying to not work too hard, get enough sleep and foster positive (new) relationships in a new city.

In other words I’m trying to look after myself emotionally, physically and socially. All important, and so much more important than fitting into a particular pair of jeans.

Fat loss may become one of my goals at some point and that’s o.k because I know I will do it in a healthy and informed way. And I will definitely not do it because I don’t look like a stick thin model in a magazine or someone tells me (however subtly) that I should.


Challenges and New Years Resolutions.

The problem I have with New Years Resolutions and these 30 day challenge things is they set people up for failure.

I do think anything that motivates someone to get moving and set goals has got to have some good to it. And if it works for you then more power to you.

However, why do we only make goals once a year? Your goals should be things that you are constantly working on.

These challenges make you feel like if you have a day off or you don’t complete 100 planks on Monday then you might as well give up on the rest of the week. I think if you do 100 planks even just one day a week, that’s one more day than you did last week, right?

Let’s be honest here, things happen and sometimes life gets in the way. People get sick, people get busy. People spend all day watching homeland before realizing that they haven’t actually moved from the couch all day….Life.

So my advise to you is make these goals, but also forgive yourself for not being perfect and try again tomorrow. Life is one long goal so keep going!

Do not measure your success by a calendar. Measure your success by your happiness..