Sick shopping

This is my grocery shop when I’m sick. (Cold/flu)


What I’m concerned about: Vitamin C, getting enough fluids, eating enough calories for energy, soothing my throat, cheering myself up, resting, sleeping, getting better.

What I’m not concerned about: My weight, how I look.

Bonus: It was two for one day on icecream. Win!!!!! So I got four. That’s logical in my head.

Food blogger fraud

This woman claimed to cure her brain cancer by eating quinoa and kale, or something.

The problem with this is that people have read this blog, bought the cookbook and generally bought into the pseudoscience once again.

Telling people who have serious illnesses that they can heal themselves by eating vegetables and doing yoga is quite simply bullshit, and is also highly dangerous.

Does a healthy diet and exercise help with general health and well-being? Absolutely. Is it a replacement for modern medicine? Definitely not. Of course it is the choice of the person who is affected, how they react and what they do/do not do to fight these illnesses. I just think they should have the chance to do this without so much misinformation lying around. Especially when they are already in such a vulnerable state.

These people should be fined and banned from the internet. They need to be held responsible for their actions.


This is pretty good. It has been proven time and again that there is no link between vaccines and autism. The guy who originally came up with the theory has admitted he was wrong. Vaccines save lives. I really can’t believe people still use the excuse, my child, my choice. Some children can not be immunised due to medical reasons and age. This is called herd immunity. Not immunising your child is putting other children at risk. Also I know some pretty awesome autistic kids so even if it was related (which its not) autism is a far better option than a life threatening illness.

Seriously people, do some research. Real research by people with medical degrees not ‘research’ from random people’s blogs and facebook pages.

And in case you missed it the non vaxxers also recently caused a measles outbreak. This should not be such a big issue in this day and age.