This is a positive change in media that is happening slowly slowly. Let’s get on board. Let’s talk about these things. Let’s use facts instead of Heresay. Let’s educate ourselves and read reliable researched information. Let’s arm ourselves for the war against bullshit.


This is pretty good. It has been proven time and again that there is no link between vaccines and autism. The guy who originally came up with the theory has admitted he was wrong. Vaccines save lives. I really can’t believe people still use the excuse, my child, my choice. Some children can not be immunised due to medical reasons and age. This is called herd immunity. Not immunising your child is putting other children at risk. Also I know some pretty awesome autistic kids so even if it was related (which its not) autism is a far better option than a life threatening illness.

Seriously people, do some research. Real research by people with medical degrees not ‘research’ from random people’s blogs and facebook pages.

And in case you missed it the non vaxxers also recently caused a measles outbreak. This should not be such a big issue in this day and age.


Badly written bias article but some interesting points.

Seriously with this guy?!

Paleo cook book for children-What the f*&k is wrong with people?

Note: Subjecting your child to a diet where they end up missing out on crucial vitamins and food groups is definitely child abuse.

Incorporating healthy and varied home-cooked meals into your kids diet – Good parenting.

Perfect example of this is calcium. Crucial at a young age. We all know what this does, bone strength, teeth, hair etc etc. If you do not get enough calcium when you are a kid you actually can’t make up for that when you are an adult. You should still have it when you are an adult, but damage has already been done.

I think the bigger issue is the implantation of diet dogma into a young child’s brain. This food is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ ‘You will get fat if you eat this’ etc. These are dangerous things to say to a child. Some of these diets become almost like a religion.

Yes, I also think feeding a kid a diet high in sugar or Mcdonald’s every day is also a form of abuse. That goes without saying.

What happened to food for fuel and eating when we are hungry. Moderation? Choice? Common fu&*ing sense.

Get with the program people. (Or please don’t.)

Food porn

Hmmmm I don’t know about this, but I did click on this article and then get really disappointed there was only one picture…so maybe it’s working? Or maybe I’m just hungry after boot camp.

Food porn for me tonight was half a snickers bar. And by food porn, I mean food that I looked at for 3 seconds before eating.

I guess that’s the equivalent of skipping foreplay….

Korean Boot Camp

I survived my first Korean boot camp tonight. This was conducted all in Korean (Funnily enough) and I speak only a little. (A few phrases) This was basically just a circuit and we went around doing each exercise for 30 seconds and then moving to the next one.

It was a little difficult to understand some of the finer points but I got the general idea pretty easily.

It’s amazing how much you can understand from someone who speaks a different language if you actually listen and just try to understand instead of putting up that mental block. Try it some time, if you get the chance. Pay attention to expression, intonation, common words etc. It really helps a lot.

The point is, I stepped out of my comfort zone today. I tried something new. (Really new)

I have never actually really done a boot camp style class before so it’s a good effort that my first one was in a foreign language.

And guess what, I had fun. I made a fool of myself and am probably a lot of people’s dinner time stories tonight.

And you know what, I’m so o.k with that. (I’m here to entertain.)

Most importantly, I moved my body today.

And it felt good.

Let’s see if it still feels good tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m going to listen to my body and probably rest. I might do some yoga if it feels good or I might just have a hot bath.

Repeat is on Thursday. Two days to practice my synchronized star jumps dance.

Yes, that is a thing here.

Wish me luck.

And go and move your body today.

Response to body insults

There’s something I really like about this article. Women writing how they were first insulted about their bodies and then formulating a response in hindsight.

I guess I like the flip of power on this. Accepting perceived flaws and saying yeah so what, f*&k you (idiot.) This is that judgement stuff again. It’s just so widely accepted that our bodies or what we do with them is up for public opinion. (It’s not)

Nobody knows what motivates us or what is happening in our lives or why we choose to take the actions we do. The thing is they are OUR choices. OUR bodies. OUR lives.

I don’t really think about what I would say to specific people in hindsight from my childhood because I guess I’ve pretty much let that stuff go. And there was a lot of it I can assure you.

I think for me it’s more of a general attitude change and not taking shit from anyone anymore.

In saying that, I definitely still need to work on this, as I do still put up with assholes occasionally and then later wish I had told them to take a long walk off a short pier or similar.

So for your adolescent self, go tell an idiot to f*&k off today.

Before and After.

This is an interesting article about before and after shots.

Makes me think of all the times I’ve seen an unflattering photo of myself. I once saw a photo of myself that actually made me go into extreme dieting/paleo lifestyle regimes. Yes, I was probably a little heavier than I would have been if I had been upholding a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. Was I so unhealthy I needed to stop eating dairy, carbohydrates, grains (W.T.F) etc? Hell no.

Anyway my point is, a photograph really can be just a matter of a bad angle, or a bad posture/pose. Try taking some photos of yourself in different poses or even looking into the mirror this way. I guarantee you can make yourself look pretty freaking fabulous. (Go on, keep stretching) But here’s the secret, you are already pretty freaking fabulous. Just the way you are. (Right Bridget) This is the equivalent of putting on red lipstick and instantly feeling 500 times more awesome.

Before and after photos be damned.

Now when I see a bad photograph of myself I don’t think, Oh my gawd, I’m so fat, I need to only eat steak, and ban potatoes for life (Again W.T.F) And also, what is steak without potatoes?

I just think, Geeze that must have been a really unflattering angle. Or hmm must remember to murder that photographer. You know, like a calm rational thinking person….

I might even have a chuckle and allow it on facebook. Maybe….